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A wedding day is full of beauty (natural and planned),excitement, emotion, a tiny bit of nerves, and a whole lot of love. You do not need a photographer messing up that magic recipe, trouncing all over your moments and making your wedding feel more like a photo shoot with a wedding on the side.

My philosophy is quite simple: On your wedding day you and yours should be utterly absorbed in the moments of your day - you should not be bothered with the documentation of them. That is my job and it is what I love to do. Over many years of experience I have mastered the craft of leaving the smallest of imprints on your day while still capturing the essence, the meaning, and the story of it through my photographs.

My goal is to give my clients the gift of time travel… So whether it is one year after their wedding, or on their 50th anniversary, they can always rely on my photographs to bring them back to the moments and the essence of the day they promised their love to one and another for forever and ever.

Andrew Weeks Photography - BGCC


Andrew Weeks Photography - Venue 610

Venue 610

Andrew Weeks Photography - Meadowood


Andrew Weeks Photography - Union League Club

Union League Club

Andrew Weeks Photography - Theater On The Lake

Theater On The Lake

Andrew Weeks Photography - Great American Music Hall

Great American Music Hall

Andrew Weeks Photography - Atwood Ranch

Atwood Ranch

Andrew Weeks Photography - Garfield Park Conservatory

Garfield Park Conservatory