Andrew Weeks Photography

My first true love is wedding photography

It's how I learned and fell in love with photography over 20 years ago. I love the idea of the couples I photograph sitting at home on their 50th wedding anniversary, surrounded by grandchildren and having my images transport them back to such an important day in their lives. I like to fancy myself as someone who can give the gift of time travel!

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My Process

When it comes to how I photograph your wedding, I like to think of myself as a ninja (minus the backflips.)

The goal is to leave the smallest possible imprint of my presence on your day, while authentically capturing the significance of the moments that you’re living through.


Portraits are a crucial part of any wedding day photography, but your wedding shouldn’t feel like a photo shoot with a wedding on the side.

It takes real skill to not only capture beautiful, timeless portraits, but also to do it in a way that does not take over the day.

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Welcome Gatherings & Rehearsal Dinners

This is where the festivities kickoff. They deserve to be included in your story.

Capturing the details & moments of your day

On your big day, I like to start my coverage about an hour before it’s dress time. This gives me plenty of time to capture the details and moments of your day.

I tell the whole story. ‘Til the very end.

Who wants to wait? Not you, not me.

Sending over my favorite 25 photographs the next day is always a thrill.

Every couple and every wedding is unique.

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I listen to each of my clients and then create a custom package specifically tailored to their unique needs.

Engagement Photos

Engagement portraits are a great way to start hanging out with me… On your wedding day, I want you to say, “Hey Andrew! Come on in!” Instead of feeling like, “Who the heck is that guy?”

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These are my photos but they are your story. It is with the two of you where the true story is found.